Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here we go...

Ok ok ok I know it has been FOREVER since I was on here blogging but I am going to try to keep up with it..

We finally bought a house back in July. We love it. It is so nice having our own space. It is about 1500 square feet and that is big enough for now I can't even keep it clean I don't know how I would ever keep anything bigger clean. We moved from StoneRidge which was only 1000sq feet so I am feeling like this is lots of space. When we get the yard finished it will be lots of fun. I will be able to send the kids outside to play and they will be safe. Not going in the street and things, it will be so nice. Maybe I will be able to get caught up on life.
I just started working again. I am working at Fantastic Sams and am actually enjoying it. We are trying to reach our goals of being debt free in 15 years. I am just working a couple of nights a week and Saturdays for now. Sean stays home with the kids. Lets hope they all survive including Sean.
Sean is still working for Riverwoods mill and is enjoying it. We are very glad he still has a job. He has been working for them for about 4 years now. When he gets home from work he works in the yard. We plan on getting the yard done by summer. If not done at least grass. We are really sick of all the dirt..
Draygen is in 1st grade and depending on the day he loves or hates school. He has been getting 100 on his spelling test as long as studies. He has lots of friends and is ready for summer to go to the lake. He has been seizure free for about 3 years now and thankfully none of the other kids have had any. He is a huge help with his brothers.
Tayter oh Tayter he has tons of personality and always teasing or being crazy. He just turned 5 in January. He got Heelys for his birthday and wears them EVERYWHERE. He has fallen quite a few times but continues to love them.
Briggs is talking very well. He stopped his speech therapy about two months ago. He is always going and loves to play with his friends. He thinks he doesn't need a nap anymore but I beg to differ.
McCoy is getting potty trained right now and boy will I be glad when it is done. I can't believe we will be all done with the diaper stage. I love the baby stage. Now just pull-ups at night. Oh it will be so nice. I never thought this time would come. I would have ten more but the doc nor Sean recommend it.


  1. HEY!! I've been following your blog just waiting for you to start up again!! So glad to see you on here!! Which FS are you working at? I worked at the Bloomington one for a year before having my first baby but I still know a lot of girls there. I loved it there so I hope you do too! You are amazing. Hope to see you on here more!

  2. yeah for a post! hope you keep it up like you say you are going to! this is how I keep tabs on everyone!

  3. Hey I just found you. I hope you don't go away now that you are not on facebook. Or is it the internet that you are getting rid of? Love you.

  4. I am getting rid of the internet. I will try to update at least every other week.

  5. Hey, I am going to make my blog private. If you want to leave me your email I will add you to my list :)